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capacity building through education 2022

Africa is the world’s youngest continent, with 60% of the population under the age of 25. Furthermore, the population of sub-Saharan Africa is on target to double before the year 2050. The Khalil Garnem Foundation continues to focus on one of its mission on capacity building through educating the youth on social change, leadership, and entrepreneurial vision.

In February, 2022, The Khalil Garnem Foundation in partnership with Njala University, Bo Campus invited Isaac Cudjoe and Amos Izerimana to virtually speak on entrepreneurship and social change to public health and other health sciences graduates.

Isaac Cudjoe is a community organizer, social entrepreneur, and an Equity Specialist who champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2019, Isaac co-founded the ReTurn Movement and Brothers With Books. Isaac is a collaborative and strategic leader with demonstrated success as an active participant and in partnership with domestic and international organizations in developing countries and within the United States. With a Ph.D in Public Policy and Administration, Isaac is also Co-Chief Executive Officer at Peace First.

Amos Izerimana is the Program Manager at the Office for globalization, a division of Louisville Forward in Louisville Metro Government. In his position, he helps direct the city’s efforts to attract immigrants to the city to build a thriving business environment and a diverse, welcoming community. Amos serves on the regional committee of the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People. He also serves as an ambassador for Youth Building in Synergy to End Poverty. As a Burundi-born refugee resettled in Louisville in 2007, he is committed to capacity building for developing communities and holds interests in Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Pan-Africanism.

Isaac cudjoe

"Social change is all about changing human interactions, and about filling the gap where institutions are falling short.

First step to social change is sharing knowledge regardless of your educational background. Second step is to harness that knowledge and build on it.

Social change begins with very small acts. Don't let society dictate tomorrow for you when you will be part of tomorrow. Youth are not only the future but they are the present."

Amos izerimana

"Social change is really about collaboration.

The wealth of knowledge around you is really immense and when you’re materializing it into action, you see that you’re developing the potential for social change. Don’t be afraid to be a pioneer."


Donated computers, books, and other educational instruments.

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